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Message from Chairman Ken Buck

March 17, 2020


Last week, President Trump declared a National Emergency in an effort to combat the spread of coronavirus and to keep the American people safe, secure, and healthy during this unprecedented crisis. The president’s declaration invokes both the National Emergencies Act (NEA) and the Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act which helps open up more than $50 billion in federal resources to aid state and local governments in combatting this public health crisis.

Similarly, the Governor of Colorado has taken action including issuing an  executive order suspending all downhill skiing operations, temporarily closing bars and restaurants, and limiting public gatherings as an effort aimed at containing community spread of the virus.

We applaud the hard work that President Trump, Vice President Pence, and the Coronavirus Task Force are doing to fight this outbreak. The Colorado GOP will continue to monitor the situation and work with our local parties and stakeholders on how we can safely conduct our assemblies and move our mission forward. The health and safety of our members and all Coloradans is top priority during these unique and challenging times. 

Please visit or to see the various ways to keep yourself, your family, and our communities safe. 


Ken Buck

Chairman | Colorado GOP


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