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"If we ever forget we are 'One Nation Under God', then we will be a nation gone under." Ronald Reagan

Ouray County, in the gorgeous San Juan mountains of Southwestern Colorado, has a Republican Party dedicated to electing officials who have sound judgment and will act in accordance with traditional values of the West, including respect for independence, acknowledgment of individual responsibility and respect for the many freedoms we cherish and are not willing to relinquish.

This site provides you with appropriate individuals to contact regarding local and state political issues, it will provide glimpses of related recent events as well as information regarding coming events.

You are encouraged to contact our officers and become involved in defending our freedoms by being involved in the political process. We are here to help you save your freedoms for yourself and your heirs.

CAUCUS meetings, March 9th at 10:00 a.m. PRE-REGISTER at Mark your calendar NOW and click on the Events page (then scroll down) for your Precinct location.  Caucus is when your VOTE has the most impact.  Become a Delegate &/or volunteer to be an Election Judge.  We need to fill PCP vacancies, also!


CLICK ON Events tab above, to see photos and learn of other opportunities to become educated on community issues and volunteer with service projects.  We welcome your participation!!!


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